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PNG to BMP (2017-01-03 16:43:45) robert
wolfSSL 3.10.0 - 15 January, 2017 - Larry Stefonic

The wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library is a lightweight SSL library written in ANSI standard C and targeted for embedded and RTOS environments - primarily because of its small size, speed, and feature set. It is commonly used in standard operating...

CCNA Test Launcher 1.0 - 15 January, 2017 - Shaun Hummel

Certification tool to help prepare candidates for the CCNA v3 Routing and Switching 200-125 exam. The test launcher provides single click access to seven learning modules with 600+ questions and detailed answers. The online course includes new and...

AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts 7.12.0 - 15 January, 2017 - Any Chart

AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts library is an advanced JavaScript based data visualization solution, allowing everyone to utilize power of animation and ultimate interactivity. AnyGantt is perfect for building complex and informative HTML5 Gantt charts....

TLetSom v1.1 (French) 1.1 - 15 January, 2017 - Nadir Benhamouda

TLetSom is a very simple component that allows you to convert an amount into numbers in letters.

Parse components 2016  - 15 January, 2017 - Yuriy Pisarev

In addition to features of ParseComponents 2015 CalcUtils unit extended by following methods: function AsValue(const Text: string): TValue; function AsByte(const Text: string): Byte; function AsShortint(const Text: string):...

Disabling Direct Mode In LiteDAC and UniDAC - 17 August, 2015 - Denis

Connecting to SQL Server from Android and iOS in Direct Mode Using SDAC - 05 April, 2015 - Devart Devart

How I chose universal data access components for my project - 22 February, 2015 - Denis

Our project  Business&Finance started in 1999. We needed to work with various DBMSs. Therefore we used the uncontested BDE as a data access technology. After the Firebird DBMS was released, we had no need to...

Generate barcode labels for your company products - 24 June, 2014 - Shivangi Raj

For a Business organization inventory control is a very important thing. Barcode Label Maker Application easily manages your company’s inventory control in your effective way. This application facilitates users to create barcode labels in...

Keep origional date with XML UTC Format - 05 May, 2012 - Steve Prescott

Problem - I have an application that items needs to keep the original time of where it was entered.  This information is saved in XML and when you call XMLTimeToDateTime it auto adjusts the time.  For example 11:00am entered on eastern...

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