AddAlive Bookmark 1.2.1

Alivebookmark program offers the simplest possible way to bookmark a webpage or particular part of a webpage. Just select the desired area of the webpage you've visited and save it as a bookmark to the program. Alivebookmark implicates effectiveness and comfort offering a better way to keep your bookmarks organized and accessible. Bookmarking websites is a must virtue in order to maximize one's productivity on the web. However, there are definitely inherent limitations that we are all used to. Alivebookmark will probably change the paradigm to which we have been accustomed to -bookmarking a website from a browser, evolving to a new bookmarking system. For example sometimes the websites you browse do not have RSS feed or if you visit several specific websites (depending on your activities/preferences/business) on daily basis, to be informed with latest news/updates and you constantly have to go back to check for them. Alive bookmark solves this problem as well. Every time the bookmarked areas are updated, you will be informed immediately. This easy-to-use tool will keep you away from browsing the websites and checking the needed areas for updates, effectively saving your time. Or let's say that you want to create a daily tabloid, consisting of your needed information, which needs maximum efforts and a lot of work done, for instance: collecting and keeping track of fresh information on daily bases, processing and editing it, as well as printing, publishing, making thousands of copies, etc. But this standard has already changed. You can easily create a daily tabloid, saving particular parts of daily updated webpages as bookmarks, organizing those on one page and with unique property of the program, print out your tabloid.

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