AddClone Delphi Wizard eXtreme

Clone Delphi Wizard eXtreme - Save, move, restore Delphi
 -  Save your Delphi settings for restoring after a hard disk reformatting!
 -  Move your Delphi installation to your new computer!
 -  Synchronyze your Delphi environments between your desktop and your laptop!

All with just a few click of mouse!!!

Backup and restore processes are multi-threaded for strongly improved performances: execution time has been decreased by 50%!


    New - Two backup types available: Basic and Advanced
    New - Multi-threaded backup and restore processes: less time for best results
    New - Automatic update: you'll be sure to always use the latest version of CDW
    New - Background execution: for heavy backups, which take a long time, you can now run them in background
    Automatic detection of your Delphi installations
    Automatic detection of some Delphi addons (CodeRush, CDK, GExperts, Jedi Pack):only available in Advanced backup
    Add personal notes to backup
    Automatic restoring of your backup set(s)
    Automatic detection of the drive letter of destination computer/partition and auto-adjustment of backup set's parameters accordingly

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