AddDel123 Collection of Delphi examples and applications 2.8

Collection of Delphi examples and applications with database, reporting, Firemonkey, Indy and other Delphi examples. Full source code on purchase.

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WebCab TA for Delphi (Community Edition)  - 31 October, 2004 - Ben Fairfax

100% Free Delphi Component providing a collection of technical indicators which can be used in the construction of technical trading systems. Moreover, by using these methods with our ADO mediator you will be able to iteratively apply these...

Example Collection for Vivid Report v1.0 - 08 December, 2003 - Nikolay Antonov

Example collection for report design component library of Vivid Report 2.0. It includes full source codes of ten applications. This applications allow: to create and print calendars and envelopes; to print address labels, RTF-files and etc....

Super Controls Collection Suite 2002 v 5.0 - 13 September, 2002 - Daniel Ramirez Jaime

Control Standard, Buttons and Data Aware, and Super Collection SKIN, for Delphi 6 & 7 . Now you can create applications in similar Delphi to the products of Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Corel Draw, since they have properties that allow to...

NBLib32 v1.26 - 11 December, 1999 - Vlad Sharnin

NBLib32 (NetBios Library for Win32) is a components collection for easy (peer-to-peer) LAN&WAN communications via NetBios under Windows 95/98/NT. Includes TVladNCB, TNBDatagram, TNBSession, TNBLink components and source code of many examples....

PDF-XChange SDK  - 10 September, 2001 - John Verbeeten

Tracker Software Products add Delphi support to PDF creation Library and Driver's Royalty Free distribution. PDF-XChange developer's make a single payment for the SDK and are then licensed to distribute their applications with full...

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    Find the handle of the window using FindWindow or EnumWindows and use PostMessage(ProgramHandle, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0); I have not tried it, but it...
  • HOW TO GREP CHARACTERS IN DELPHI 3 (2001-01-03 03:29:32)
    Var Grep : String; Begin Grep := Copy('2000-46',6,2); End; The first parameter is a string or a dynamic array, the second is the index of...
  • HOW CAN I DEBUG DLL (2001-01-03 02:48:24)
    Do you mean how to find internal errors while writing a DLL file or how to get the exact error while calling a DLL Function ? /Filip
  • USING DLLS (2001-01-04 01:47:50)
    Hi again Goober ... :o) Let's take NETAPI32.DLL as an example. This DLL is created by Microsoft and the explanation of its use is described in...
  • DOT ON SCREEN (2001-01-03 05:42:55)
    Delphi does not support a Pixel function with a HDC, you have to use the Windows-API-function COLORREF SetPixel( HDC hdc, // handle...
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The TdxComponent Collection was released on May, the 27th.

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BUPack Component collection 1.0 - 25 April, 1999
This is a new package for Delphi 4.0 !
With more thant 230 shareware components, a lot of free experts and many many more !

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Tracker Software Products add Delphi support to PDF creation utility.

Creating Adobe compatible PDF Files in Fully 'native' PDF...
Iocomp Professional Instrumentation Components 1.1.6 - 20 September, 2000
Announcing the release of Iocomp Instrumentation Components 1.1.6 for Delphi and C++ Builder. This collection of 41 virtual instrumentation...

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