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This is jab requirtement for the delphi developer

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Parse components 2016  - 26 January, 2017 - Yuriy Pisarev

Parse components are intended for Delphi developers and perform high-speed (about 10 million evaluations per second) mathematics and boolean calculations. All components are available for Delphi 6, Delphi 7, Delphi 2005, Delphi 2006, Delphi...

Delphi Open Tools API  - 02 June, 2012 - Jhon Brain

The Open Tools API puts you in control. Reshape Delphi's IDE to match your needs. The Tools API is Delphi's scripting language. Unlike other development tools, you use Delphi to extend Delphi. You don't need to learn a new scripting language, or...

ActiveScript for Delphi  - 21 June, 2003 - Alexey Perestyuk

Active Script for Delphi simplifies using active script languages, like VBScript and JavaScript, with Delphi applications. It provides you with easy to use functions for loading and executing script code. With Active Script for Delphi you can...

Delphi HelpLinker V2.2 - 09 June, 1999 - Scoutship Software

A free utility for adding help files to Delphi versions 2.0, 3.0, 4.0. It detects all the versions of Delphi installed and allows you to select the version the help file is to be added to. Allows you to view and edit all the help indexes and...

Native Delphi Protection Utility v.1.0.0 - 29 October, 2003 - Oleg Subachev

Native Delphi Protection Utility (NDPU) is a new kind of protection tool for Delphi applications. The main function of NDPU is to produce trial versions with limited functionality of Delphi applications. Its main advantages are:...

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    Find the handle of the window using FindWindow or EnumWindows and use PostMessage(ProgramHandle, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0); I have not tried it, but it...
  • HOW TO GREP CHARACTERS IN DELPHI 3 (2001-01-03 03:29:32)
    Var Grep : String; Begin Grep := Copy('2000-46',6,2); End; The first parameter is a string or a dynamic array, the second is the index of...
  • HOW CAN I DEBUG DLL (2001-01-03 02:48:24)
    Do you mean how to find internal errors while writing a DLL file or how to get the exact error while calling a DLL Function ? /Filip
  • USING DLLS (2001-01-04 01:47:50)
    Hi again Goober ... :o) Let's take NETAPI32.DLL as an example. This DLL is created by Microsoft and the explanation of its use is described in...
  • DOT ON SCREEN (2001-01-03 05:42:55)
    Delphi does not support a Pixel function with a HDC, you have to use the Windows-API-function COLORREF SetPixel( HDC hdc, // handle...
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SQLDirect for Delphi 5 - 20 September, 1999
SQLDirect Components is accessible for Delphi 5.

Now you can use the lightweight BDE replacement for the most popular SQL server with...

Delphi 4 SP3 is now available - 24 February, 1999

Delphi 4 SP3 is now available for download from site at

Debugging Delphi 7 applications - 15 September, 2002
DebugDelphi, the debugging termnal, and Diadem-D, the mukticomputer debugging terminal, are released in version 2.1 which support Delphi 4..7. Both...
BS/1 Delphi Accounting Source v1.9 - 04 August, 2000
BS/1 Small Business and BS/1 Professional Delphi Accounting Source version 1.9 are available for DBISAM, Paradox and Advantage.

Delphi Turk Code Bank 1.0 - 12 December, 2000
Delphi Turk CodeBank is ready. Now includes 111 tested tips and you can connect to Delphi Turk and download new tips automatically. Everyone sends...

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