DwinsHs is a Pascal script for Inno Setup that allows you to download files from the Internet during the installation process, or visit the WEB server script. The FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported.
You can use the script in your setup package to download addition components from Internet, or verify the license key online from your server, etc.
Features:1, The HTTP, HTTPS, FTP protocols are supported.2, It is written in 100% Inno Setup script, there isn't any DLL or EXE file is required.3, Ability to add mirror sources for your remote files.4, The proxy is supported.5, The files which have downloaded will not be re-downloaded.6, The Setup wizard window will not be frozen during downloading period.7, You can create your own customizated graphical user interface or use a pre-defined downloading wizard page.8, Both Unicode and ANSI Inno Setup are supported.

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