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HM2Go is a free local webserver that is only 1.7 mb in size and does not require installation. It is designed to serve a Webhelp system locally or from CD/DVD. You can use and redistribute HM2Go royalty-free. Technical documentation, online help and manuals are increasingly distributed as HTML on CD or DVD, or installed locally together with the software. The HTML-based "WebHelp" generated by modern documentation tools like Help+Manual, RoboHelp and Doc-to-Help comes with powerful navigation, search and other features and displays in standard web browsers, making it very user-friendly and accessible. The problem is that browsers are increasingly implementing security features that prevent WebHelp from running properly when it is opened from local drives or optical media without a web server. It used to be possible to get Internet Explorer to run JavaScript locally with the help of proprietary tags. However, the latest versions of modern browsers like Google Chrome are now making it all but impossible to use scripts that communicate between the frames or iFrames needed to display a scrolling table of contents, topics and other elements on the same page. Help+Manual 2 Go is a mini web server that solves this problem: It consists of a single 1.7MB file that contains everything needed to serve a complete WebHelp system to the local browser - even when opened from optical media. The browser sees a normal web server and behaves accordingly, opening the WebHelp with full functionality. You just need to store the HM2GO.EXE file on the CD or install it along with your software and start it together with the WebHelp documentation.

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