AddLikno Scroller/Slider Expression Web Add 1.1.2

This Addin is a bridge to the Likno Web Scroller Builder that lets you create any type of feature-rich, cross-browser *jQuery Slider* or *jQuery Scroller* for your Microsoft Expression Web sites, with minimal effort and coding, through a user-friendly Windows interface! Major Features: * Rich and powerful Interface! * Create cross-browser jQuery sliders to display content that scrolls horizontally or vertically when visitors click on (or mouse over) special navigation arrows, bars, or bullets, from a variety of designs. * Make the slider behave as a "SlideShow": its items scrolling (sliding) automatically, one at a time, at specified duration and direction, with looping or not, pause on "mouse over", etc. * Use simple text, HTML code, images, videos (YouTube, etc.), animations, Flash as the content of your scroller items. * Create projects fast by using ready-made examples. * Create any type of website scroller or slider, such as: image slider, slideshow, vertical scroller, horizontal scroller, jquery carousel, text scroller, jquery slide, etc. * Edit the style of your scrollers through CSS ("css slider"). * Position your scrollers easily on page, with many options: 1. Insert into (or replace) a page element (div, span, td, etc.) OR image (img) of your choice. 2. "Float" relative to any corner of the browser window OR a page element OR an image. * Use 3 methods to populate your jQuery slider with content: by the project itself, a UL/LI structure or DIV elements located on page. * Add dynamic content with RSS, ATOM or XML feeds. * Use multiple scrollers on the same page. * Use a variety of transition behaviors (Continuous, Step by Item, Step by Page) and transition effects (Instantly, Fade, Slide). * Create vertical or horizontal scrollers. This Addin combined with the Likno Web Scroller jQuery Slider Builder will save you significant effort required to understand javascript code for creating neat jQuery sliders or scrollers!

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