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Little, easy to customize script interpreter
Not perfect, but still works
Demo script for game x/o

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Interpreter  - 06 December, 1998 - Vladimir Churbanov

Component set for the interpreter. Interpreter package contains 100% source code, lexical scanner, parser for any Backus-Naur grammar. The problem of the interpreter is solved in an abstract kind. All basic procedures of the interpreter are...

Scripter Studio v4.2 - 14 November, 2008 -

-Run-time Pascal or Basic language interpreter/compiler -Access any Delphi object in script, including properties and methods -Supports try..except, try..finally blocks in script -Allows reading/writing of Delphi variables and constants in...

Windows Scripting Host Control for Delphi  - 18 November, 2002 - Ekas Software

Adds fully functional support of Windows Script Host engine to Delphi application. Lets to run scripts from application and shares any application object inherited from TPersistent with script interpreter engine. TekWSHControl component allows...

VIRT language interpreter  - 30 March, 2000 - Alexander Baranovsky

Interpreter of the VIRT programming language. VIRT is general purposes object-oriented programming language which provides the new technology of the dynamic data structure processing, supports ActiveX and exception handling. Numerous demos...

TPAXScripter v3.0 - 11 June, 2003 - Alexander Baranovsky

PaxScript is interpreter of 4 object-oriented scripting languages: paxBasic, paxC, paxPascal and paxJavaScript which allows the cross-language integration. TPAXScripter component allows you to embed PaxScript interpreter into your Delphi...

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[ANN] TPasScript with Kylix - 25 July, 2001
Kylix version of the TPasScript component has been released.

PasScript is an interpreter of the Object Pascal language which...
ANN: paxScript.NET, v2.0. VB.NET interpreter - 25 October, 2005
The Microsoft NET version of paxScript scripting engine includes
interpreters of C# and VB.NET languages.

The key features of...
Branko's Math Interpreter - 23 January, 2000
A newly released package: "Branko's Math Interpreter" contains components for run-time mathematical expression parsing and evaluation.
ANN: PasScript Runner, v1.59 - 09 August, 2001
PasScript Runner is a non-visual version of the PasScript interpreter.

Using PasScript Runner you can:

. run...
ANN: C++ Builder version of TPasScript - 20 August, 2001
C++ Builder version of the TPasScript component has been released.

PasScript is an interpreter of the Object Pascal language which...

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