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SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost Stay ahead and in the know with alerts and reminders A time-saving solution to keep abreast of tasks and projects Send Customized Alerts Automatically send customized, informative alerts whenever an item is created, modified or deleted. Multiple notifications can be merged into one single summary and you can choose to receive a daily or weekly notification summary at specific times of any given day. Send Scheduled Reminders Automatically send reminders at scheduled intervals for upcoming or overdue events. You are provided with ultimate flexibility in customizing triggers to remind employees by minute or on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Filter Items to Generate Notifications Filter items to generate alerts or reminders based on list view or conditions. Use conditions to determine at what time and under what circumstances emails should be sent, ensuring that employees will only receive notifications that matter to them and only when they are required. Send Notifications to Anyone Send notifications to users, SharePoint or AD groups, or anyone based on multiple user or group columns in the current list as well as from external lists, email addresses and columns containing email addresses. Customizable Email Content Both the subject and body of a notification email are customizable. You can create a subject using columns, alert name or notification type; compose the body in plain text or HTML format, attach items, include item information or your custom content in the email. Mark Changes in Notification Emails Modified details are clearly marked in an email's body. Alert Reminder Boost marks deleted items with strikethroughs and highlights newly added or modified content. Those eye-catching marks help you quickly locate changes.

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