AddSharePoint Permission Boost 4.9.122

Secure sensitive or confidential information in SharePoint list

Enhance Column Level Permissions

Hide columns or make columns read-only so that unauthorized users will not see or edit sensitive data in a list. You can also hide columns in Alert Me emails, in datasheet view, or in the version history, minimizing the risk of exposing sensitive data.

Assign Column Permission Based On Roles

Besides assigning column permissions to users, groups or user columns (such as Assign To), you can also create rules based on users roles to determine who can access columns, such as only allowing Managers to modify the content of columns, ensuring the right people can access the right information.

Assign Permissions Dynamically Via Conditions

With conditions, you can determine whether and when columns should be visible, read-only or hidden, or which columns should be accessed by whom. This is very useful when your organization stores sensitive content alongside non-sensitive content.

Manage Column Permissions in a Centralized Location

Access and manage all column permission parts from one central location without entering each list or library individually. Additional preview and export/import functions accelerate the permission parts management; you can quickly understand and setup column permissions with these features.

Extra Protection against Access from Web Services

In an organization, users may use applications to pull data from SharePoint via web services. Column permission provides access limitations on web services methods (Lists, Site Data and Views), thus safeguarding against unauthorized users viewing or editing data.

Compatible with Other Apps

With the published API (Application Programming Interface) in column permission, you can integrate your app with column permission. This will control column access using column permission features, and prevent exposing sensitive data when users connect SharePoint data via the application.

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