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Test your delphi might! This program will ask you 13 questions extracted from a sample of the Inprise Certification exam and give you the test score. Don't expect it to be too easy though. Please send any comments.

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Test your (Delphi) might  - 21 September, 1999 - Juan Rodriguez

Test your Delphi knowledge. Extract from a sample of the Inprise certification exam for Delphi. Don't expect it to be easy...

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Hawk Eye for Delphi 4 - 10 December, 1998 - Agni Software

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    Find the handle of the window using FindWindow or EnumWindows and use PostMessage(ProgramHandle, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0); I have not tried it, but it...
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    Do you mean how to find internal errors while writing a DLL file or how to get the exact error while calling a DLL Function ? /Filip
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    Hi again Goober ... :o) Let's take NETAPI32.DLL as an example. This DLL is created by Microsoft and the explanation of its use is described in...
  • DOT ON SCREEN (2001-01-03 05:42:55)
    Delphi does not support a Pixel function with a HDC, you have to use the Windows-API-function COLORREF SetPixel( HDC hdc, // handle...
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