AddThe C# Excel Library 2019.3.

IronXL is a C# .NET software library allowing .net software engineers to read and write Excel XSLX, XLS, & CSV Spreadsheets in .NET Framework and .NET Core applications and websites. It is available from It is also available on NuGet using the package name IronXL.Excel

IronXL does not require use of Office Excel Interop and does not require Microsoft Excel to be installed on a server. All without other dependancies. A quick and natural approach to create Excel and Other Spreadsheet files in C# and VB.NET.

* Read / Import Data from XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV.
* Export Excel WorkSheets to XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV/JSON.
* Work with Spreadsheets as System.Data.DataSet and System.Data.DataTable.
* Excel Formulas recalculated each time a sheet it edited.
* Intuitive Ranges setting with a WorkSheet['A1:B10'] structure.
* Sort Ranges, Columns and Rows.
* Style Cells - Font, Size, Background design, Border, Alignment and Number formats.

IronXL .Net Excel Library works well in C#, VB .NET, MVC, ASP.NET, dotnet Core projects for Websites, Console & Desktop APPs. The C# Excel Library supports .Net Core 2.0 or above, .Net Standard as well as .Net Framework 4.5 or above. Installation on Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, Xamarin, Mobile, Mono or cloud based services such as Azure and AWS.

The C# Excel Library features full online documentation, software tutorials, a NuGet installer, GitHub Repositories with examples, and technical support provided by the original development team. Tutorials available here:

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