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Ubiq Mobile is a cross-platform rapid development environment for Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Java ME mobile devices. Cloud-based architecture enables running your application on a .NET server, while the readily available mobile clients run your apps on all supported mobile devices. Concentrating all development on the server side, Ubiq Mobile supplies you with a pre-compiled mobile client that is readily available in most relevant mobile stores. This mobile client is able to run your newly developed app as soon as you feel ready for the market. The pre-published available mobile client allows streamlining the publishing process in Google Play and My Windows Phone stores, while Apple App Store requires you to certify a personalized version. Ubiq Mobile enables blazing fast development speed and low cost of deployment even if you have zero experience in mobile development. The new rapid development platform makes it easy to release the most complex applications for all supported platforms without writing a single line of hardware-specific code. Ubiq Mobile is a window into the mobile world allowing developing sophisticated mobile interfaces to new and existing systems. Ubiq Mobile offers the complete set of tools the developer needs to design, develop, test and deploy mobile applications. Supplied as a Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in, Ubiq Mobile enables the development of server-side applications working in the .NET environment. The product consists of an integrated development environment that includes tools for designing application architecture, developing, debugging and testing tools; a large set of templates and components that help speed up development by implementing common functionality in ready-made blocks, and a universal mobile client allowing to deploy your application instantly and run it on all supported devices without having to publish the app in mobile stores.

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