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Visual VCL Help employs a single project to simultaneously generate both C++Builder and Delphi VCL help files thus minimising the effort required to produce VCL components for the Delphi and C++Builder environments. In addition, by parsing all the relevant source files, Visual VCL help automatically generates the standard Help topic pages associated with a VCL component as well as browse groups, pop up windows and hyperlinks.

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TTicker is an easy to use VCL ticker bar component that offers a professional, smooth-scrolling, flicker-free look and feel as well as maximum flexibility. Up to two ticker bands, displaying different text, even at different speed can be set up....

Cando Framework  - 08 August, 2005 - nobody n

Cando is a free extension for Borland Visual Component Library (VCL), used to build applications with Borland Delphi language. Cando brings to Delphi developers a very god set of visual and novisual components, created to solve a large amount of...

QuickSelect v1.5 - 22 January, 2000 - TrollSoft

QuickSelect is a VCL component for visual creation of SQL queries. It uses natural language to facilitate easy an simple building of advanced SQL queries. QuickSelect is currently available in more than 10 different languages, for Delphi 2 to 5....

TchcFilter  - 06 April, 2000 - Carlos H. Cantu

Extremely powerfull and easy visual filter componentes for BDE and IBO Queries ! Many features ! Set of VCL components that allow users to change the 'WHERE' clause of a SQL statament in a Query component. BDE and Interbase Objects are...

LMD-Tools for Delphi 4 - 24 November, 1998 - LMD Innovative

LMD-Tools is the complete VCL (visual component library) set for Inprise's Borland Delphi, including more than 160 unique components for many various tasks like multimedia, system, graphics, and database programming. It includes a rich set of...

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Abakus VCL is a professional set of
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