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Well it has come to the point where Borland has stopped maintanence for the BDE. Meaning, no new code , features , bug fixes will be added.

The Future of the Borland Database Engine (BDE) and SQL Links,1410,28688,00.html

dbExpress (Inprise/Borland's new cross-platform data access layer) Draft Specification,1410,22495,00.html

30 Days from Paradox to InterBase,1410,27006,00.html

The BDE is still on ok solution to a standalone database application, but not very recommended in a multi user enivornment. If you happen to still use the BDE, over the years of using the BDE , I have collected many interesting articles.
These links should provide you with some help to problems that you might face.

Before we begin just a note(just in case), you may have some trouble of losing data after a application crash or OS reboot?

There a 2 ways of fixing this problem. Both will force the BDE to write each change to the HardDisk right away, instead of a cache buffer.

1)Set Local Share to True in the BDE Administrator
2)Call DbiSaveChanges after Posting and Deleting.The article below will explain this is more detail.

BDE: Writing Buffer to Disk,1410,16111,00.html

If you do decide to use the LocalShare method, its a good idea to make sure that no lock files are reciding in the folders of Tables on startup of the Application.

Make sure your Table's Active property is false, or better yet just leave the active property false during design time, and set active to true after deleting the lock files.

These are the names of the lock files that exist:

An example of how you can delete them,

if FileExists('c:dbParadox.lck') then

if FileExists('c:dbPdoxusrs.lck') then

{then open the Tables}

Here are the rest of the links.Have fun.

A Paradox Table Survival Guide for C++Builder and Delphi Developers

Updates to the BDE core DLLs and utilities

Borland Database Engine functions

Download the BDE Error Code to Description Utility

BDE setup for Peer-To-Peer(Non-Dedicated) Networks,1410,15247,00.html

Handling EDBEngineError Exceptions,1410,15809,00.html

Sharing Violation Error with Paradox Tables,1410,15265,00.html

Removing "Lock file has grown too large" Error,1410,15256,00.html

'BLOB has been modified.', 'Index is out of date.' errors,1410,15209,00.html

Table is Full with Paradox Tables,1410,10318,00.html

Setting File Handles For A Windows BDE Application,1410,15221,00.html

Some current internal limits of BDE,1410,15159,00.html

Merging the configuration file has failed Error,1410,18727,00.html

Converting ASCII files to Paradox tables,1410,16960,00.html

Using The ASCII Driver With Comma-delimited Files,1410,15892,00.html

Some more links,

Colorizing a TDBGrid,1410,20845,00.html

DBGrid Row Color,1410,19583,00.html

Microsoft ComCtrls and Delphi/C++Builder version 6,1410,28423,00.html

Who Uses Paradox?

Local SQL Guide

BDE Alternatives Guide

Using the MIDAS ClientDataset as a replacement for cached updates,1410,22571,00.html#VCLComponents[/link]

Best Regards , Hope this helps someone.
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