Add Delphi: Few Fact Vs Fiction

Starting from today, I will try to share  some information which will go a long way in busting some myths about Delphi.

I got this document from David I though S. Subramanya. He will update this to include 2010. Pass this on to anybody who believes in the myth. Here is the first in the series.....

Fiction: "Delphi is old technology." Fact:

Delphi has been updated every year for the last 14 years. Delphi is "old" in the sense that has been a successful product, used to build a wide variety of applications for 14 years. Delphi is "old" in the sense
that it is proven and mature while at the same time remaining current, modern, relevant and able to access and leverage the latest development technologies for 14 years.

The most recent version -- Delphi 2010 -- contains all the modern features that developers require in a language and IDE. Customers, managers and developers should make sure that they aren't basing their
view of Delphi on older versions. Delphi is continuing to improve, and is being actively and aggressively updated with new features and capabilities.

Delphi is a fully-capable, modern language that is being actively developed.

Even its previous version (Delphi 2009) includes modern language features that developers want, including:

* Blazingly fast native Windows compilation
* Complete support for true object-oriented programming development
* Runtime Type Information
* Anonymous Methods
* Generics
* Full Unicode support
* A powerful exception handling framework
* A complete, full-featured debugger including debugging at the CPU level with assembly instructions

The Visual Component Library includes support for:

* Complete wrapping of the standard Windows Controls including Common Controls, common dialogs, and Shell Controls
* Support for ActiveX development. Delphi can produce native, real ActiveX control.

* Ribbon control development -- Delphi developers can build modern, visually appealing, and highly usable user interfaces with the Microsoft Office UI look and feel

* Vista APIs -- the VCL provides component level support for Vista glassing, Aero interface, and Vista dialog

Delphi supports all the latest versions of the following databases with a lean, powerful, high performance dbExpress database access framework:

* MS SQL Server
* Oracle
* Interbase
* DB2
* Sybase SQLAnywhere
* Informix
* Blackfish SQL
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