Add Introducing TMS FTPUploader, a small free utility for your daily email routine

The daily routine to send something to a user via email

It becomes increasingly difficult these days to send an email with an attachment. Different email servers implement different filtering techniques for emails with attachments. Especially for support this is quickly becoming frustrating, both for the sender and the receiver. The sender does not know whether the receiver sent the email and the receiver does not know whether an email was answered. A solution is to no longer send the file as attachment but to make it available as download and just send the download link. Now, while convenient for the receiver, it quickly becomes a repetitive annoying and error-prone task for the sender:

* Locate the file
* Open an application to connect to an FTP server
* Remember the corresponding hyperlink to send in the email

A solution: FTPUploader

What if a tool existed where you could simply right-click a file and have it sent to some FTP server and have the hyperlink available on the clipboard to paste in the email ? The comes the power of Delphi and our component TWebCopy! It took less than 15 minutes to configure the TWebCopy component for uploading a file to an FTP server and get and set the settings for the FTP server in the registry. With Delphi, everything is easy and straightforward. By implementing a couple of events, progress feedback can be displayed in the utility as well.

The FTP server information must be configured once by starting the application and clicking the "Configuration" link.
The file can also be uploaded to the FTP server by "drag-dropping" the file on to the icon.
After uploading the file the link is copied to the clipboard.

Free download of our FTPUploader app

Under the motto "eat your own dogfood", we uploaded this free little useful utility to an FTP server. You can download it at this hyperlink pasted from the clipboard:

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