Add Reviewing TMS GUIMotions Component

Two month ago I bought TMS GUIMotions. It was the first version of the component. It deeply impressed me and yesterday I released my software using GUIMotions. I want to write my review about this great component. I'm not related to TMS Software, the developer of this component, in no way.

I just want to say thank you to great guys in this company and write my opinion about this component for others.

Here are list of features that are important and interesting for me:

1) Performance: First, I want to say the most important feature of this component: PERFORMANCE, PERFORMANCE, PERFORMANCE. If you had ever created such galleries with Adobe Flash, you know that flash really socks when it come to performance. There is lot's Flash component for developing such photo albums but lot's of them are very slow and have lot's of performance issue. However, there is not any competitor for TMS GUIMotions in Delphi Component world. I'm not sure, but I think the code is optimized for MMX operations.

2) 3D Environment: If you need a photo transition component, you can use PicShow (Freeware from DelphiArea) or Billenium Effects (Commercial) but they only can show you simple classical picture transitions. You can do lot more using GUIMotions and bring your photos to a 3D environment without any knowledge about 3D programming.

3) Creating a turning Book: Something that is really amazing is that you can create a REAL Turning book using this component only with changing some parameters easily. Actually GUIMotions, have

Before GUIMotions my projects was based on Flash which is hard to develop, very expensive, had a slow performance and is not a native solution. But with GUIMotions I have all I need very fast, reasonably cheap and completely native. Developing such component using Flash is a nightmare and people who have deep knowledge about OpenGL and DirectX know it's very hard to develop such effects in these libraries.
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