Add2D Barcode VCL Components 10.0.1.
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The 2D Barcode VCL components is a set of components designed for generating and printing barcode symbols in your Delphi or C++ Builder applications. Developers use the components set like any other VCL components. This effective and powerful components set extends your applications with 2-dimensional barcode technology.
Most popular matrix and stacked 2-dimensional barcode symbologies are supported including PDF417, MicroPDF417, QR Code, Micro QR Code, DataMatrix (ECC 000-140, ECC 200), MaxiCode, Code 16K, Aztec Code, RSS-14, RSS-14 Truncated, RSS-14 Stacked, RSS-14 Stacked Omnidirectional, RSS Limited, RSS Expanded, RSS Expanded Stacked, and Aztec Runes.
The EAN.UCC composite barcode symbologies are supported.
The database functionality is supported. The QuickReport, FastReport, ReportBuilder, and ACE Reporter are supported too. Applications using the components set can then be deployed royalty free.
All modern Delphi and C++ Builder are supported, from Delphi/C++ Builder 4 to Delphi/C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo.
  1, Allows to draw the barcode symbol to canvas or print the barcode symbol to paper.  2, Most popular matrix and stacked 2 dimensional barcode symbologies, All of RSS barcode symbologies, and EAN.UCC composite barcode symbologies are supported.  3, The database functionality is supported.  4, All of the Quick Report, Fast Report, Report Builder, Rave Reports, and ACE Reporter are supported.  5, Structured append, ECI, etc features are supported.  6, Ability to scale and rotate the barcode symbols.  7, Ability to save barcode symbol in a variety of picture formats.  8, Ability to add a logo picture to the barcode symbol.  9, The Delphi 4 - 10.2 Tokyo and C++ Builder 4 - 10.2 Tokyo are supported.  10, The 64-bit platform is supported under Delphi XE2 - 10.2 Tokyo and C++ Builder XE3 - 10.2 Tokyo.  11, It's easy to use, and it has the excellent functionality.  12, It's a very popular 2D barcode components package.

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