AddabAction Builder 3.0
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(for D7 too/fully functional/free)

The two VCL components TabActionList and TabAction (inherit TActionlist/TAction) allow you to:
1. Centralize/Convert your existing code by using actions.
2. Centralize access to all controls (not just buttons and menus).

Everything in design time with just a few mouse clicks.
Minimum runtime overhead (runtime is needed in order to centralize access to non Action controls - edits, tree-views ..., every control).
Two powerful designers for visual building/converting to a centralized structure.

With abAB you can also:
1. Build Action structure at design time
2. Use two powerful designers for visual building/converting.
3. Easily expand/upgrade to abSecurity Builder (adds user rights and security to your Delphi/C++B application)

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    06 October, 2002 18:45
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