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Units for any cases...

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    07 September, 1999 00:00
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Set Of Integer for Delphi 1.0 - 09 January, 2013 - Michal Kokorceny

The programming language Object Pascal in the Delphi environment allows to use only sets of maximum size of 256 elements ( Set Of Byte or Set Of Char ). TSetOfInteger is a class, which can pass this limit and allows to use unlimited set of...

TFixGrid  - 07 February, 2000 - Andrew Ermakov

TFixGrid - the component inherited from TDBGrid. It allows: to set columns of a grid as fixed to keep adjustment Grid of the user in INI - file to set height of title to set height of data rows to show multilower case cells of grid...

Icons-Land Vista Style Multimedia Icons Set  - 07 December, 2006 - Icons-Land

Icons-Land offers Vista style royalty-free stock icons for your Delphi software application. Each icon is in seven sizes from 16x16 up to 256x256. Multimedia Icon Set contains icons that are widely used in Multimedia Applications. This set...

CDRWLIB SDK v. 1.0 - 04 February, 2002 - Artem A. Berman

The whole SDK is organized in the way of set of redistributable DLL modules that you'll ship to the cusomter with your CD recording application and set of headers and help files you'll use while developing you CD recording software. DLL contains...

EZNightColor  - 29 February, 2004 - Eric Jordens

TEZNightColor is a component to set most system colors in such a way the computer can be used at night. All colors will be set back when calling SetBack or when the main program closes. Also a backup will be made of the original color settings. If...

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