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No time limitation, but register for not seing the register popup.
- Includes...
- TAs400Connection for the main Connection to the as400 Server
- Tas400LibraryList for getting library list from the Server
- Tas400FileList for getting the file list of the desired library from the server
- Tas400Spool, u can get the spool files with all details, u can see it, u can delete it
- Tas400Table, u can reach all tables and all members from this component. Easyly
- Tas400SQl, u can create ur own sql strings and run it get the rows..
- Tas400DbGrid, as u can understand from the name
- And Exporters Txt Csv,And xls exporters...

Everything u want about As/400 Server..
U can built really wonderfull applications..
-- Ps : Some reported bugs fixed --
-- Help is now Avaiable --

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