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Almost 3000 downloads (v1.0.1):

The first attempt to stop component hell.

:: the problem

the wide array of already installed components offered by delphi/builder,
as well as the plethora of components available for download (one of the
strength of delphi) simultaneously creates a usability issue:

The component palette provided by delphi has not managed to offer users the ability to locate components quickly and easily.

:: the solution

compbar has arrived to make using the existing component palette obsolete by offering a wide range of organizational and search capabilities.

NOTE: it works similar to .NET sidebar

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    06 August, 2003 13:41
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TmxOutBar v1.0a  - 04 July, 1999 - Laurent Bridelance

This component add a bar similar to the Microsoft OutLook bar. All is design-time. Easy interface + Example.

TEventScrollBox v1.5 - 11 December, 1999 - DithoSoft Software Solutions

The TEventScrollBox component is a TScrollBox descendant that triggers events when the horizontal/vertical scroll bar is moved or clicked. This component was tested and modified for Delphi 5 compatibility!

ALProgressBar v1.02 - 18 May, 2001 - Andrew Leigh

This control is an enhanced progress bar. It allows you to tile a bitmap on the bar, add various color blending effects and change the progress direction.

my.Expert - Multi-Line Component Palette for Delphi 4 - 31 January, 1999 - tkcham

my.Expert - Multi-Line Component Palette for Delphi 4. It may enable/disable while "Install Packages". Source code included for Delphi 4 only.

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