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DELPHI 4, 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006 win32, 2007, 2009, 2010 compatibles
Turbo Delphi Explorer and Turbo Delphi Professional compatibles

Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5/2000/2003/2007 compatibles
Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000/2002/2003/2007/2010 compatibles

We provide source code - not VCL

The Extended MAPI is one of the first COM technologies provided by Microsoft. Extended MAPI is core API for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook, CDO, messaging, etc.
We provide lots of examples, which demonstrates how inside DELPHI you can get the Extended MAPI power in your hands. They are grouped as "package" of simple applications and library. Our "library" includes "one file" ExtendedMAPI unit, some useful utility functions which you can find inside MAPIUtils.pas, and unique translation of EDK (Exchange Development Kit). You will have in your hands, more that 70 Interfaces, few hundreds procedures and functions, thousands constants, structures, etc  - all of them described inside MSDN or PSDK. For most of them, you can use shipped with Delphi help (excluding EDK). We strongly recommends MSDN as the primary help system for Extended MAPI and EDK.

  • Example # 1 - Log in Microsoft Exchange Server and Query User Identity
  • Example # 2 - Retrieve Microsoft Exchange GAL (Global Address List)
  • Example # 3 - Retrieve Microsoft Exchange "Light" Hierarchy (by Global Address List)
  • Example # 4 - Writing a small Hierarchy Viewer
  • Example # 5 - Log in Microsoft Exchange Server/Outlook and Getting Exchange Private Store Tree
  • Example # 6 - Getting Exchange Mailbox and enumerate items (messages) in each folder
  • Example # 7 - Now, we will get a message from folder and...
  • Example # 8 - How to create AdviseSink to message store (Event Notification in MAPI)
  • Example # 9 - How to work with MAPI Profiles
  • Example # 10 - How to allow users to change their profile details on the exchange server

    Applications upon request (You ask - we create)

    # 1 How to call integrated dialogs in Address Book provider from DELPHI
    # 2 How to build SIMPLE Mailbox reader (agent) with CDO and DELPHI
    # 3 How to save attachments and messages from DELPHI
    # 4 How to send attachments and messages from DELPHI
    # 5 How to implement Extended MAPI in NT Service Application with DELPHI
    # 6 How to Read, Delete and Send messages from DELPHI
    # 7 How to use integrated MAPI Forms from DELPHI (Loading and Creating a Message Into a Form)
    # 8 How to use Personal folder (*.PST) files from DELPHI
    # 9 How to get access to Exchange Public folders from DELPHI
    # 10 Extended MAPI DCOM NT Server as Service
    # 11 Get all available Message Stores in our MAPI Profile
    # 12 Exchange ACL (Modifying Access Rights) Public Folders Access Control
    # 13 Out Of Office (Auto Replay Message, Message Rule)
    # 14 Microsoft® Office Outlook® Folders (direct access to Contacts, Calendar, Journal, Notes, etc..)
    # 15 Fast E-mail Agent
    # 16 DateTime restriction and Appointments

    Experimental  (You ask -> we create - continue)

    # 1 MAPI .msg <-> MIME .eml Conversion
    # 2 "Smart" Mailer
    # 4 Public Free Busy
    # 5 We accept Microsoft Office Outlook Drag&Drop!!!
    # 6 What is the Best Body? PR_BODY, PR_RTF_COMPRESSED, PR_HTML?
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