AddFormHelp v3.7.1
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  • Kylix:
    K1 K3 

The FormHelp component adds the context-sensitive help features to your Delphi/BCB forms without any bulky help files. It traps all help calls and creates its own popup windows from a control's hint. You can choose whether to interpret the hint string as plain text or as kind of rich text allowing you to apply different fonts colors, styles and line breaks. FormHelp uses the secondary part of a control's hint that is separated by a vertical bar "|". Mouse hints still works as well. With FormHelp, neither help context numbers nor extra help files are required to display context sensitive help. FormHelp's popup windows looks and feels like native context help.

For easement of help authoring, it contains a WYSIWYG help designer and may have additional button on the title bar.

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