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Print Suite is a set of components which provides advanced print and preview possibilities. Print Suite contains: TPrintJob, TPreview, TPreviewWindow, TPreviewToolbar, TPreviewStatusBar, TPreviewComboBox and TPreviewLabel.
Pro version contains additional Print Jobs package - set of ready-to-use components to print grids, databases and tables with many abstract classes to creating custom print jobs. Print Jobs contains: TSimpleGridPrintJob, TSimpleTextGridPrintJob, TDBGridPrintJob, TStringGridPrintJob, TListViewPrintJob, TStringsPrintJob, TRichEditPrintJob, TScreenshotPrintJob, TImagePrintJob, TControlPrintJob, TFormPrintJob, TMultiPrintJob and TDraftPrintJob.
Trial versions and IDE-comatible help file are included.

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