AddidRunner v.3.4
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    K1 K3 

Extension to Indy Library (version 8 and 9) for Borland Delphi 5, 6 & 7.

idISAPIRunner component allows to run ISAPI modules using Indy TidHTTPServer.

idCGIRunner component allows to execute CGI scripts using Indy TidHTTPServer.

idPHPRunner component allows to execute PHP scripts using Indy TidHTTPServer.

idDebugger - freeware debugger for ISAPI and CGI applications. idDebugger makes debuging process very simple and easy

Main features:

  • PHP support for CGI and ISAPI

  • WebSnap support

  • IntraWeb support

  • CGI file upload support

  • Unload ISAPI module on demand

  • WebServices support

  • Session support

Internet Direct (Indy) library is required.

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