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ImageKit is a GPU based image processing, graphics rendering framework for Delphi developers. ImageKit hides the details of low-level graphics processing by providing an easy-to-use application programming interface. ImageKit provides dozens of built-in filters. You set up filters by supplying key-value pairs for a filter’s input parameters.  The output of one filter can be the input of another, making it possible to chain numerous filters together to create amazing effects. Features:  * GPU based image processing, graphics rendering framework  * dozens of built-in filters and thousands of possible chains  * VCL, GDI and GDI+ interoperability  * avanced GPU based image view control  *  2D, 3D transformations  * support software device if hardware isn't available  * high level DirectX 10 wrapper control and renderer  * special page view control with 3D transition effects for pages  * VCL styles are fully supported in transition engine  * required Windows Vista+  * 64-bit support  * many more...

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