AddManaged extensions for VCL
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  • Kylix:
    K1 K3 

Managed extensions for VCL is the best components suite for .Net interop in Delphi. Create .Net objects without registering .Net assembly for COM, use static properties and methods, parametrized contructors, host .Net controls, use ADO.Net data sources, work with ASP.Net and much more.

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    .Net Interaction
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    28 February, 2004 02:01
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Pro VCL Extensions Library 1.81 released - 17 July, 2001
Pro VCL Extensions Library 1.81 has been released. Added Delphi 6 compatibility, support of Korean language. Fixed some bugs.
Pro VCL Extensions Library 1.70 released - 15 April, 2000
Pro VCL Extensions Library 1.70 has been released.
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  • Added SoundType...
Pro VCL Extensions Library 1.51 has been released - 23 July, 1999
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Pro VCL Extensions Library 1.61 released - 14 November, 1999
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  • Added support of Hungarian...
Pro VCl Extensions Library 1.60 released - 08 October, 1999
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