AddRichEdit Syntax Highlighter 3.2
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Set of classes and components for Automatic Syntax highlighting in a RichEdit Control for Delphi 5,6 and 7

Supports syntax highlighting for

Delphi DFM
Visual Basic

Demo projects included

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CodeEdit  - 22 January, 2003 - Ruben Mikaelian

This is just a light-weight wrapper for Serhiy Perevoznyk’s RichEdit Syntax Highlighter 3.0 (source is included for your convenience). After installation you’ll get a RichEdit with two (Active and Language) new published properties. Send all...

Unicode Syntax Edit control (USE)  - 02 April, 2000 - Mike Lischke

This Unicode Syntax Edit is an edit control for Delphi, with with syntax highlighting and WideString/Unicode support. It comes with highlighter classes for Delphi, C/C++, HTML, SQL and more. Shorted feature list: Almost all key commands...

PasH Pascal Highlighter v0.1.4 - 08 November, 2005 - Peter Johnson

PasH is a simple command line program that syntax highlights Pascal source code as XHTML using an embedded Cascading Style Sheet. The program reads Pascal source from its standard input, or from the clipboard, and writes the generated XHTML...

TRichEdit2MetaFile  - 08 July, 2004 - Ik-hwan Oh

TRichEdit2Metafile Delphi's RichEdit rendering component thru metafiles. (Separating multiple pages) This will be useful to report RichEdit,Memo,ListBox with other users data. With this printing text files beacme easier....

Syntax Suite v3.57 - 09 October, 2007 - Roman Novgorodov

Syntax Suite provide some tools for performing syntax highlighting tasks for Borland Delphi/C++Builder development. The SyntaxSuite contents: TsxEditor is powerful multiline edit control for plain text; TsxListBox is powerful list box with...

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of classes for Automatic Syntax highlighting in a RichEdit Control
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