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Decision support systems of any contemporary enterprise contain huge complex tables, applications and schemes. The use of advanced components allows the avoidance of a great amount of data. SharpShooter OLAP components package is intended for the creation of analytical applications for decision support systems. The pack includes a flexible OLAP component and graphical component. The OLAP component is designed for multidimensional data analysis. The application created with the product help gives end users opportunity to choose what data should be analyzed, what dimensions should be displayed in the pivot table, and where and what data slice should be done. The Charting component allows the creation of applications for displaying multidimensional data as interactive 2D charts and graphs. Thus the information is represented in understandable and visual form. Components included in the SharpShooter OLAP represent a unified development framework with similar design-time and runtime customization facilities, common data management and appearance customization methods. The joint use of the OLAP component and the chart component doesn't require a deep knowledge of programming. Just place the Chart Viewer on the form in which the DataCubeGrid is located, a few mouse clicks and the data is represented as comprehensible charts. The SharpShooter OLAP is developed for .Net, written in C# and contains only managed code. Distribution of the suite within your applications doesn't require any additional fees. Thus, the use of the SharpShooter OLAP provides a wide range of opportunities for multidimensional analysis and graphical representation of the data needed for effective business management in one application. Create qualitative and comprehensive decision support systems!

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