AddSmartFlash v.3.60
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SmartFlash is a VCL with additional features in Macromedia Flash ActiveX.
SmartFlash support real trasparency of the flash and antialiasing effect in the flash frame.
Also you can load flash, FLV from stream and grab frame to the bitmap with alpha-channel.


* full streaming support (no temporary files)
* real transparency and anti-aliasing effect
* save flash frame to bitmap with alpha channel, png, jpeg
* load flash, FLV from file, resource file, stream
* store your flashes, FLV in *.exe file
* support Macromedia Flash ActiveX  7,8,9,10
* interaction with Delphi and C++Builder (flash forms, menus, controls and more)
* layered windows support
* windows with regions support
* adjust volume of the flash sounds
* performance in transparency mode as in standard
flash player
* Open Flash Chart support (you can set parameters of chart in real time and load data in flash player
(all data stored in exe, you work only with streams) - cool solution for your application with charts)

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