AddTCP Object Oriented Client Server 1.1.2
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The package TOOCS contains TCP Client and Server components for Delphi that allow asynchronous objects transfert over the network. They are designed for implementing interaction sequences like authentification and applications scenarios.

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  • DEFAULT EMAIL CLIENT (2001-01-04 01:54:27)
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto\shell\open\command\ /Filip
  • REPEATING FUNCTIONS (2001-01-04 11:46:34)
    The OnIdle event is not hardware dependent. It is called when the program has idle time. The OnIdle event is in TApplication and is a warpper...
  • HOW TO MAKE MASTRE/DETAIL TABLES LIKE THIS ? (2001-01-04 11:14:14)
    You will need to add a TDataSource for Table 1 & 2 and connect to the respective tables. In the Table2 object set the "Table2.MasterSource =...
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