AddTMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls Pack 1.0
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TMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls pack focuses on controls that take advantage of HTML5 capabilities to give a new powerful dimension to your IntraWeb web applications, including low bandwidth usage and ultra fast asynchronous updates. The first control available in this pack is the TMS TTIWHTML5Chart. This component is designed to render various chart types in a browser using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. The component currently offers following chart types: bar, area, line, stacked area and stacked bar. Multiple series can be simultaneously shown in the chart.

Feature overview:
Different chart modes: area, bar, line, stacked area and stacked bar.
Automatic display of a legend in both vertical and horizontal mode.
Annotations and value labels can be added to series points for any chart type.
A 3D effect can be optionally applied to each chart type.
Square, circle, rectangle or image markers on series points can be set for chart types: line, area and stacked area.
A separate item layer is available to add any type of additional information on the chart at a position of choice, either on top of the series or below.
Customizable text in X-axis, Y-axis and different X-axis, Y-axis per series.
Automatic Y-axis range calculation or configurable range.
Configurable helper lines and color banding.
Asynchronous updatable single series point or entire series and asynchronous updates of series properties, chart properties.
Different asynchronous events to handle clicks on various parts of the chart.
Display of series points values as hint on mouse-over.
Full asynchronous update support.

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