AddTObjectPrinter V2.0.7
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The Easiest print component to print out visible objects.

Newest: Supported on Delphi8 (.NET)

- TWebBrowser,HTML,URL : contact to us
- (Customized) Grids (StringGrid,DrawGrid,DbGrid)
- .TXT/.RTF file
- TDataSet
- RichEdit,Memo,ListBox
- Image
- Panel/ScrollBox with children
- Strings
- Almost of visible component
- QuantumGrid V3.22
- HyperGrid/AdvStringGrid/TSMDbGrid/GridView...
- TF1BOOK : contact to us

- Preview(Zoom,Orientation)
- Stretching/scaling Grid's size
- Multi pages on a sheet
- Title/Footer
- User's Preview Form

< Standard SAMPLE >

With ObjectPrinter1 do

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  • HOW TO PRINT FORM ON SCREEN (2003-10-01 16:57:49)
    Hi, Actually u just need this code: procedure TMyform.Button4Click(Sender: TObject); begin Print; end; I hope it helps, Dirso
  • HOW CAN I PRINT OUT STRINGGRID OR DBGRID ? (2004-03-20 21:17:41)
    Thanks I found it in this page. It was TObjectPrinter and more simple and easier then SMReport.
  • PRINTING IN DELPHI (2004-04-10 01:25:26)
    TObjectPrinter prints Grids well. (StringGrid & DbGrid)
  • PRINTSTRINGGRID QUESTION (2009-04-19 07:04:07)
    Hey, I'm not going to rewrite it for you. Learn, figure it out, you don't think I was born with this innate knowledge of Delphi, do you? ;-)...

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