AddTSkReg 3.0
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TSKReg is a Delphi component
that can handle most if not
all the details for the
registering of your shareware
application. You only need to
set a few properties and go.
It eases the task of generating
a valid registration code,
reading and writing to and from
an ini file and/or the registry
and more. Turn your
application into a demo just by
setting a few properties.
Features TSkReg :
Limit the running of your
application based on: Date,
Days, Time Per Session,
Program Executions.
If the evaluation time for
your application
has passed you can do one of
the following: Delayed Shutdown,
ShutDown now, Custom, Message Only.
Newest features :
Hardware keys based on Root Drive and/or CPU
BadCodesList to "blacklist" illegally distributed codes.
Event properties are now in an Include file
so that the names can be easily changed (even without the source!. Does require a recompile).

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