AddVirto Cross Site Lookup for SharePoint 1.1.0
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Virto Cross Site & Cascaded Lookup is a powerful feature allowing referencing and cross-referencing existing data in SharePoint Lists across current site or site collections. It also allows SharePoint users to access list items from across your Site Collections automatically deleting duplicated values. Moreover, Virto Lookup feature supports cascaded look up functionality. It allows cross-referencing existing data from a list or site within the same site collection and then applies filters to reduce the number of options presented in the drop down menu of your lookup field. Key features: Cross-site lookup of list from current site collection Creating parent-child relationships between columns in the same list so that data entered in one field filters the options presented in another Ability to set dependence between lookup fields Displaying additional columns for lookup list items Advanced filter options Multi selection can be applied for lookup fields Conversion of Standard Lookup to Virto Lookup Multiple Values and Duplicate Values removal

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