AddVirtual Keyboard 1.1
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Simple Virtual Keyboard component. You can customize this component to create your own virtual keyboard, you can easily define your keyboard layout, create your own key and change keys' skin.

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    30 July, 2003 04:26
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This one is a great help for game writers (and tell me people: who wouldn't like to write games? :) ). This UNIT can handle virtual "keyboards" that include only those keys that you want to! E.g: there are 3 VKs in your game:Menu-Game-Intro/Outro....

SafeDisk 2.0 - 15 March, 2001 - Andre Belokon

128-bit on-the-fly disk encryption. Allows to create and use virtual ciphered disks. Supports algorithms RIJNDAEL, BLOWFISH, SQUARE, GOST, SKIPJACK, RSC. Stealth. Built-in protection against keyboard spies. Mode "under enforcement". Locking...

Crazy Keyboard  - 20 September, 2004 - CitiSoft Inc

Crazy Keyboard is a small DLL that enables you to change the keys of the of the keyboard. By using a system wide hooking technique, you can change any of the keyboard key to match your requirement or trap the key to fire other events. Your...

KeySpy v2.8 - 05 June, 2000 - UtilMind Solutions

This component is intended for interception of pressing the keyboard without any SetWindowsHook (without any dll's). The KeySpy is possible to apply for interception of the typed text of the another's programs, as keyboard spy, or for processing...

Advanced Virtual COM Port  - 20 May, 2005 - KernelPro Software

Advanced Virtual COM Port is the first software of its kind which includes both local and network virtual COM port functions. It can share your real COM ports or create virtual COM ports and connect them with a virtual null-modem cable locally...

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