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oxygen 09-16-2018 03:54 PM

How to get file size to fileread?
I'm diving in this stuff about two hours but cannot find how to get the size of file to be opened by fileread:


FileHandle : Integer;
fSize: Integer;
      FileHandle := FileOpen('b:\html.txt', fmOpenRead);
      fSize := fileSize(FileHandle);
      FileRead(FileHandle, buffer , fSize );

I need to read the complete file and FileRead seems to be best suitable for me.

I would like to avoid the fileSize function because it has different type then the FileRead input argument no 3.

oxygen 09-16-2018 04:38 PM

I found solution

      FileHandle := FileOpen('b:\html\' + SubDirs[m] + '\' + FileList[i], fmOpenRead);
      fSize := FileSeek(FileHandle,0,soFromEnd);
      setLength(buffer, fSize);
      FileRead(FileHandle, buffer , fSize );

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