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agent86 07-02-2003 04:20 PM

Delphi 4
Paradox Tables

Everytime I start my Delphi invoicing application, it puts a file in my folder with the executable called<cr> '_QSX.DB'</cr>. The X seems to be a sequential number. There are dozens of them. How can I automatically have those removed when exiting the program? What are they doing there? I don't crteate them programmaticaly. It must be some kind od internal Paradox issue(?).

Donald Adams

figueroamar 07-02-2003 04:58 PM

RE: _QS1.DB??????
those files are temp results from queries your application made against your database, you can safely delete them (maybe when staring the application?).

I hope this helps.

HTML 07-02-2003 05:02 PM

RE: _QS1.DB??????
Hi folks.

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