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N/A 06-05-2000 07:42 AM

How to make res-file from rc-file?
How to make res-file from rc-file?
With respect, Sinus.

N/A 06-05-2000 08:43 AM

RE: How to make res-file from rc-file?
Use the console program, that is located in C:\program files\Borland\Delphi4\Bin (or something like that :). For example if you need to compile test.rc file, then all you have to do is write the following line:
brcc32.exe test.rc

Best regards

N/A 06-05-2000 04:29 PM

RE: How to make res-file from rc-file?
I will explain it step by step
1.Create a directory as C:\Res
Copy BRCC32 and RW32CORE.DLL from DelphiPATH/BIN
This is for convenience to type in DOS commandline.
2.Open Delphi and from File/Oew select Text
3.Write in the first line of text file
Bitmap1 Bitmap "Bitmap1.bmp"
4.From File/Save As save this text file as
MyResFile.rc under C:\Res directory.Don't forget to write the rc extension.
5.Copy your bitmap Bitmap1.bmp to C:\Res
6.Now you should have BRCC32.exe, RW32CORE.DLL,
Bitmap1.bmp,MyResFile.rc all in C:\Res directory.
7.Open MSDOS prompt
8.Type C:\Res\BRCC32.exe MyResFile.rc and press enter.MyResFile.res will be created.
For more information about resource files feel free to E-mail me

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