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N/A 09-28-2000 01:06 PM

Error Creating Cursor Handle
Why is happening this error in my application:

Alex.EXE raised excpetion class enoresult set with message Error Creating Cursor Handle

How can I correct this error?

Thanks since now


N/A 09-28-2000 01:59 PM

RE: Error Creating Cursor Handle
Reading the help file for D5 I found this:

ENoResultSet is the exception class for unsuccessful attempts to open a dataset query.


ENoResultSet is raised by TQuery when an attempt is made to open the query without a SELECT statement.

I would guess that you either called Query1.Open or set to true when the statement you used in the Query1.SQL property was empty or will not return a live result set (INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE). Use Query1.ExecSQL; instead of Query1.Open or Query1.Activate.

rage_against 03-30-2004 05:14 AM

RE: Error Creating Cursor Handle
In my program worked..
the error was caused by the "first" an "next"
so I type before "query1.SQL.text:='select * from doc_tur';".


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