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whatever_ 01-06-2001 12:40 PM

Saving Cursors?
does anyone got an idea on how to save a Tbitmap or something as a cursor?


P.S. site was better before

douglas 01-06-2001 07:59 PM

RE: Saving Cursors?
Goto Tools | Image Editor --> File | New --> Cursor File

The following is out of the Delphi 5 Help File: Example:

This example shows how to add custom cursors to an application. It assumes that a custom cursor with the name NewCursor has been added to the resources (.RES file) of the application. You can add the cursor using the image editor. (Tools | Image Editor)
The following code makes this cursor available to the application via the constant crMyCursor, and sets it as the global cursor to the application.


crMyCursor = 5;
procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
Screen.Cursors[crMyCursor] := LoadCursor(HInstance, 'NewCursor');
Cursor := crMyCursor;

If you need further help, just write.

douglas 01-06-2001 08:01 PM

RE: Saving Cursors?
Just one other question - Why was site better before? Because you did not have to login?

The login allows everyone to get emailed and to see who is posting the questions. A lot of people have reported that they wanted this option, and so it was done.

If you have comments or suggestions, let me know.

Douglas -

whatever_ 01-07-2001 02:03 AM

RE: RE: Saving Cursors?
Thanks for the answer but that was not exactly my question..

If I got an image in a TBITMAP or TICON how would I save this image as a cursor? I know the icon and cursor formats are very similiar.

So does anyone know where I can find an example on how to save a cursor? Or an example for saving an icon would be fine also; I guess I could modify the rest myself..

whatever_ 01-07-2001 02:09 AM

RE: RE: Saving Cursors?
Well whenever I want to login I have to enable cookies - that's a bit annoying.

And people were able to enter their email addresses before as well.. You could've added a function or something so answers would've been emailed to them automatically without registering.

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