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Levvi 01-20-2001 10:06 AM

Attachments with TNMSMTP email component

I have been trying to send text file attachments using the TNMSMTP component using e.g. myemail.postmessage.attachments(the location of the text file in here);

When run it goes on it's merry way but I then get a mail failed reply saying (I think) MIME decoding error!

I am running it from outlook express and recieving on Lotus notes. Everything works fine when sending emails with stuff in the body of the email.

Please can someone help this Delphi beginner.


deleteme 01-20-2001 10:12 AM

RE: Attachments with TNMSMTP email component
Hi, maybe you should try this:

NMSMTP.MailMessage.Attachments.Add (<Where 2 find the 'txt-file'>)

as much times as you need attachements

greetz, ruben

Wise Guy 01-20-2001 04:10 PM

RE: Attachments with TNMSMTP email component

I think you should check both things done before you send the mail:
1) to check if you supplied a valid path\filename for the Attachments property
2)The Attachments property specifies a list of files to attach to the outgoing E-Mail message. Note that you must have only one filename per line.

This may look something like:
//If you want to add another file use the same line but with //the new path\file.

If none of above helps why don't you try to change the way of ENCODING to UUEnCode (standart mail clients should support UUCode format).

Good Luck!

MrBaseball34 01-22-2001 05:37 AM

RE: Attachments with TNMSMTP email component
Being as you are a Delphi beginner, I'd like to mention that
the majority of Delphi programmers do not use the TNMxxx
components shipped with Delphi due to their bugginess.

I'd suggest downloading ICS (Internet Component Suite) or Indy (Winshoes) and using them as they come are free with
full source code. You can not say that about the FastNet

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