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Denisy 02-25-2015 01:57 PM

SQLite connectivity tools
What tools do you use to connect with SQLite database in mobile application development.
I personally planning to use LiteDAC for that purpose but want to know about alternative tools.

lexd 02-26-2015 03:57 AM

I use mysql-installer-community-, it has many more features to use, MyDAC as an example or many other languages.
My SQl is pour on its doc's and sorting arthor from mathor is like walking in the dark. Unless you found something.

I also use HeidiSQL because its a com product owned by a young German guy. Its basically a sound product but you cannot load pictures and their are a heap of similar products out their.

I personally like to hear success stories of what works well and easy to install and use too.

Denisy 03-11-2015 09:36 AM

HeidiSQL? Hmm... Yes I remembered that tool. When I was on a crossroad between various SQL management and development tools I choose dbForge Studio for MySQL. I don't use it everyday but the tool is great and cover all my needs.

About SQLite connectivity tools. Recently I received a mail from Devart about updated version of LiteDAC. New update has only BETA version but new features listed there are already worth mentioning:

"This release includes a 3-in-1 significant feature - cross-platform Direct Mode. So far you could connect to SQLite databases by library static linking on MS Windows platforms only. From now, you get an unrivaled opportunity to access SQLite data directly on Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices!

The advantages of this functionality are more than obvious:

the application deployment process is now simpler than ever - there is no more need to install any additional SQLite software on a client device
your application performance increases
along with that, LiteDAC now supports SQLite database file encryption on these target platforms, which means that you no longer have to spend money to buy expensive SQLite client libraries with support for encryption - with LiteDAC, encryption support will be automatically added to your application and the following algorithms will be able to protect your data:

- Blowfish
- TripleDES
- Cast128
- RC4"

You can download beta version and try it now if you want. I won't give you a direct link to a beta version because I am afraid to be banned.

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