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FreakaZoid2 02-02-2018 02:24 PM

rtf image format changing
I am currently merging an image into an rtf document and the image is a signature. is there any way to change or set the image properties via code to be in the background rather than user having to manually change the image settings every time?

Norrit 02-05-2018 08:52 AM

just look at how the rtf tags should be and insert them through code.
I'm not sure how they manually change the image settings, since the default RichEdit doesn't support these functions. But rtf is just plain text with some extra metadata around specific parts, so this should be some extra metadata around the image.
And to see what this extra metadata is generate your document, store it somewhere, change it manually to what you want and do a compare.

FreakaZoid2 02-06-2018 02:51 PM

...yeah i went down that road
started off with using WORD to change the image(a signature actually) to the background and then moved it to the correct location. But WORD adds a ton of other tags that have no interaction with the image.
So I have found me a simple RTF editor (not WORDPAD since it wouldn't let me change the property of the image).
As of now I have the differences but and still trying to figure out how to determine the current location of the image and make sure it is in the correct location.
It is originally on the right hand side of the document but when I change the image to be behind text it centers the image and then I have to manually move it to correct location.
SO now I just need to piece that info together and I should be able to get it working like I want.

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