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raosistemas 05-07-2013 05:36 PM

Using ZEOS, update problem, mysql
I have this sql in cre Tzquery component.

SELECT m.processado, m.AUTOMATICO,m.DOCNF,m.CODCF,m.DTEMIS,m.DTVCTO,m.V ALOR,m.DTPAGTO,m.obs, m.numeros,
m.VLRPAGO,m.PARC,m.TPARC,m.CONTA, m.loja,m.ch_banco,m.ch_agencia,m.ch_conta,
m.ch_numerocheque, m.nomedigitado,
(select cl.fantasia from clientes cl where m.codcf=cl.codigo limit 0,1) as fantasia
FROM movto m
where m.TIPO = 'C' and processado=1
order by DTVCTO desc

in my code i use... this procedure to save the information... payment information

if rg1.itemindex=0 then begin
if form1.creDTPAGTO.IsNull then
else begin

but when I close and open the CRE query again all the updates are cancelled.

Denisy 02-25-2015 12:38 PM

In that case, when you are out of options it is useful to have a dedicated support from development team of component you use. That's why I choose MyDAC with a very quick response for help.

lexd 02-26-2015 03:42 AM

Zeos forum

Is a better qualified forum, you got further than me.
I understand Zeos uses the ODBE that was common on Delphi 4 years ago
and not accurate with string data, moderately slow.

ODBE does work but if you want a better result use something else is my advice.
The ADO is common to Delphi and fast.
I see most C++ projects use 'localhost' as linking is not file dependant
Zeos is file dependant that's no good for a final product.

We get what we pay for. It's like Indy 10 that's nearly ten yeas old and its not fully working yet.;)

Read this thread too
as most C++ use this approach

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