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Beardawg 04-23-2001 08:32 AM

TMS StringGrid component?
I am copying selected text from a StringGrid object. When I copy the text to the clipboard, the text is formatted such as: "'H'#9'E'#9'L'#9'L'#9'O'".

What is causing this? Has anyone delt with this, is there a way I can get the "HELLO" without the formatting(I assume) characters?!?


Verence 04-24-2001 11:20 PM

RE: TMS StringGrid component?
Well, now I'm just guessing:

The text comes from more than one cell of the stringgrid (rangeselect allowed) and when copied to the clipboard the grid inserts tabulator characters between the cells.

If this is true - well IMHO you have to live with it :-)
Or a) handle the WM_COPY event in the stringgrid yourself
b) when pasting in your own application remove the #9 characters befor using the text

HTH :o)

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