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zaskovic 02-01-2001 11:31 AM

very easy question
just wanna to ask a very simple question:

I extracted an Icon from an executable into a Ticon. Fine, but how do I save it with 256 colors? The TIcon.SaveToFile() procedure only supports 16 colors.

I already searched for a unit which would accomplish this task, but only found JvTools which won't save correctly in 256 colors and IconTools, which seems to be quite decent, but I cant figure out how to get my icon into it's "TAdvanceIcon" to use it's savetofile procedure.

Thanks in advance. Any help is greatly appreciatd.

Wise Guy 02-01-2001 01:33 PM

RE: very easy question
I think that if you use the TPicture (which supports icons) instead of TIcon it will do the job... (Honeslty haven't tried it but think it's gonna work) and use the TPictures's SaveToFile method

MrBaseball34 02-01-2001 02:17 PM

RE: RE: very easy question
If the TGraphic Type is TIcon, the TPicture uses the
WriteIcon method in Graphics.pas and it is written to
support ONLY 16 color icons with one caveat. If the color
depth of your display is 256, it will save the icon at 256
colors. Any other color depth, it saves at 16 colors.

whatever_ 02-02-2001 03:05 AM

RE: RE: very easy question
hrm so can anyone actually answer my question?

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